3626 Manual/Press

Bench top 12-ton (10.9 metric ton) Carver® hydraulic laboratory pellet press that accepts 13 mm pellet die sets. Manually controlled. Ideal for pressing sample pellets for IR. CE Approved.

  • Accepts SPEX SamplePrep 13 mm Evacuable Pellet Die Set.
  • Can be operated anywhere in the world, even under the most primitive conditions.
  • Economical alternative to motorized presses for labs with a small sample load.
  • Hardened steel buffer plate is engraved with concentric circlesand enables easy centering of the die.
  • Manual, hydraulic laboratory press with buffer plate.
  • Rugged, reliable and noted for its extraordinary durability.
  • Upper platen is equipped with a safety shield for operator protection.
Force 0-12 tons (0-10.9 metric tons or 0-24,000 lbs)
Platen Movement 5.125 in (13cm)
Platen Size 4 in (10 cm) diameter
Daylight 5.75 in (14.6cm)
CE Approved Yes
Dimensions 20.25 in (51cm) x 10.25 in (26cm) x 8 in (20cm)
Net Weight (lbs) 115 lbs (52kg)
Gross Weight (lbs) 140 lbs (63.5kg)

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