HG-800 Geno/Grinder

Automated Tissue Homogenizer and Cell Lyser

The HG-800 Geno/Grinder® (part number 2030) is an automated plant and animal tissue homogenizer and cell lyser that integrates with automated, robotic systems. It has the same vigorous, up-and-down grinding motion as the 2010 Geno/Grinder. The average processing time for each cycle is two minutes or less. It has a versatile clamp accommodates titer plates, vials and all standard SPE plates.

This automated homogenizer is ideal for high-throughput processing of samples for isolation of nucleic acids (RNA/DNA), enzymes, yeast, proteins, and bacteria. It allows users to run a large number of preloaded stacked titer plates unattended. Samples can be pulverized with or without buffer using a variety of grinding media. Typical samples include animal tissue, plant tissue, cell cultures, yeast, fruit, and bacteria.

  • Integrates with automated robotic systems.
  • Ideal for the isolation of nucleic acids, (RNA/DNA) enzymes, yeast, proteins and bacteria.
  • Accommodates all standard titer plates.
  • Complete cycle time is two minutes or less.
  • 3-year warranty
Dimensions 12.88″ x 18.88″ x 35.88″
Part number 2030
Voltage 115V / 230 V
Net Weight (lbs) 129 lbs (58.51) kg
Motor 3-Phase servo motors
Power Cord (US) 115 V / 60 Hz model: 3-Prong grounded plug supplied
Power Cord (Europe) 230 V / 50 Hz model: 2-Prong European plug supplied
Clamp Movement 1.25 inches
Clamp Speed 500-1750 strokes per minute
Warranty 3-year warranty

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