IndiGo : An affordable, modular, connected visible spectrometer

IndiGo is a visible portable spectrometer. It is modular for multiple use cases. IndiGo fits in the palm of your hand.

IndiGo allows measurement of emission, absorption or transmission spectra from 380 nm to 720 nm. It has a resolution of 1.5 nm (FWHM).

IndiGo allows you to take spectral measurements anywhere at anytime.

IndiGo is delivered with the SpectroLab application to capture and analyse spectra:

  • SpectroLab PC : a PC application for Win10 to analyse spectra (USB-C connection)
  • SpectroLab Android : an Android application for smartphone and tablet to analyse spectra (Bluetooth connection)

Please have a look on how to use IndiGo with a tablet:

IndiGo is compatible with all tablets and smartphones equipped with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

Please have a look at SpectroLab PC basic functionalities on spectra captured by the IndiGo:

A portable, modular and customisable visible spectrometer.

GoyaLab has developed several modules compatible with the IndiGo, which will allow you to add additional functionalities to your spectrometer:

Upon request, these modules can be customised. (OEM). For this, please contact us at this address.

Download the IndiGo datasheet and IndiGo manual here : IndiGo datasheet & IndiGo Manual

IndiGo comes pre-calibrated on the nanometric scale. Intensity calibration is an option.

SpectroLab offers the possibility to re-calibrate the IndiGo on the nanometric scale (x) axis and on the intensity (y) axis.

On the nanometric axis (x):

On the intensity (y) axis, a calibrated lamp is necessary (Example: A calibrated halogen lamp). If you have a calibrated lamp, you can calibrate yourself the intensity axis on the in IndiGo in SpectroLab. If you do not have a calibrated lamp, GoyaLab can perform this calibration for you. Contact us by e-mail.

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