X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer

Perfect Blend of Portability, Safety, Convenience and Efficiency

HORIBA MESA-50 Series is a portable benchtop energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzer with ultimate user-friendly operation. It achieves a super compact footprint without compromising X-ray safety thanks to the X-ray shields compliant with IEC 61010-1/JAIMAS 0101-2001. Thanks to the built-in battery and a pump-less optics, it enables you to perform your measurement wherever you like!

  • Portability at Its Best: Built-in battery allows you to take it anywhere with ease
  • Enhanced Safety: Rest assured of safety with X-ray shields protecting you
  • Convenient Design: Ease with the LN2-less and pump-less optics
  • Efficient Operations: Save time and effort with fast and straightforward operations


* This product is available in all the regions expect the EU and the UK.
* For your larger samples, we also offer the MESA-50K Large Sized Chamber model.

Manufacturing Company: HORIBA, Ltd.

Powerful Hardware

Achieving the energy-efficient and compact optical design, the MESA-50 features a high-performance Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) for more excellent sensitivity and performance comparable to conventional benchtop EDXRF analyzers. It works without the need of vacuum pump and reduces running costs.

  • Powerful X-ray generator: Up to 50 kV, 200 μA, 10 W with Pd target
  • Multiple Primary X-ray filters: Enhance S/N by cutting off background
  • Switchable multi-collimators: Selectable down to 1.2 mm up to 7 mm
  • Silicon drift detector: Achieve high performance without liquid nitrogen



MESA-50 hardware (left) and the optic design diagram (right)


Simple Operation

  1. Set the sample on the measurement window of MESA-50
  2. Press “Measurement Start” button in the software
  3. While the measurement, the red X-RAY ON lamp turns on
  4. The measurement results are shown in the software
  5. Report function: The result can be output in Microsoft Excel(R), Word(R) or PDF formats

We have a variety of sample cells available to choose from for your liquid samples. Please refer how to choose and assemble the sample cells for your reference.


Optional Software Modules

  1. RoHS module
    The RoHS module allows user to perform RoHS screening analysis and halogen screening analysis by just one click a button. The module offers built in workflow which enables automatic sequential measurement without special skill and knowledge of user.
  2. As/Sb module
    The As/Sb module is an additional module to the RoHS module. The module can determine As and Sb concentration using the built in parameters. The module can export a report which include the result of As and Sb.
  3. Multilayer FPM module
    The multilayer FPM module is an optional software for thickness calculation. The software calculates the layer thickness of a multilayer sample using user defined layer modeling. It allows users to get layer thickness result even without standard samples.

*MESA-50 software can calculate thickness without the optional software module if it is based on calibration curve method.


Wide Range Applications

  • Electronics: RoHS screening analysis (IEC 62321-3-1:2013, ASTM F2617-15)
  • Metals: Steel plating thickness analysisPlating solution analysis; Precious metal plating analysis.
  • Energy: Material characterization; Pt loading mass determination of fuel cell
  • Enviroment : Hazardous elements in Soil
  • Pharmasecutical: Defect analysis; Hazardous elements in Cosmetics
  • Food : Defect analysis; Chlorine detemination in soy source
  • Metal:Material screening identification
  • Material: Harzardous elements in Toys
  • Forensic: On-site trace evidence identification
  • Educational purpose: Scientific class in schools.

Principle Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
Target application RoHS, ELV, Halogen Free
Meas. Elements 13Al – 92U
Sample type Solid, Liquid, Powder
X-ray generator X-ray tube Max 50kV, 0.2mA
X-ray irradiation size 1.2mm, 3mm, 7mm (Automatic switching)
X-ray primary filter 4 types (Automatic switching)
Detector Type SDD (Silicon Drift Detector)
Signal processor Digital pulse processor
Sample chamber Atmosphere Air
Sample observation CCD camera
Utility Operation PC (Windows® 7)
Power supply AC adapter (100-240V, 50/60Hz)

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