Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer
(Flagship High-Accuracy Model)

Your ultimate solution for reliable and accurate results

The EMIA-Expert Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer provides enhanced cleaning efficiency, user-friendly software, durability, operability and maintenance, resulting in efficient measurements. Its shortened cycle time accelerates the development and manufacturing speed. It includes the advanced accessories to enable even higher performance analysis, resulting in greater accuracy.

Typical Applications:
– Energy: Materials for lithium-ion battery, fuel cell, electrolyzer
– Electric parts
– Ceramics
– Semiconductor: Silicon, poly-silicon, GaN
– Steel and non-ferrous alloy (metallurgy): Iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, zinc, tungsten carbide
– Mineral: Cokes, lime stone, coal, silicone, rare-metal
– Others: Catalyst, rubber, carbon black, silica, cement

* For more entry-level applications, we also offer the EMIA-Pro Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer.

DivisionCarbon/Sulfur & Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzers
Manufacturing CompanyHORIBA, Ltd.

Greater Accuracy

Proven NDIR Gas Detection Technology

The EMIA-Expert is capable of measuring the concentration of Carbon and Sulfur in samples using the infrared method, which involves combustion in an induction furnace. HORIBA’s proven Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) measurement capabilities optimize its range for carbon, from 0.6 ppm to 10.0%, and for sulfur, from 0.6 ppm to 1.0%. The instrument is also equipped with a unique CO detector, and is suitable for a wide range of inorganic materials due to its versatility.

Please also refer the Measurement Principle page for the details.


Standard Accessories for EMIA-Expert

  • Purifier Unit for carrier gas (for C Analysis) – Enables measurement of ultra-low carbon concentration with high accuracy by eliminating hydrocarbon impurities in the carrier gas.
  • Heating Filter Unit (for S Analysis) – When samples are moist or generate water during analysis, a slight error can occur in sulfur analysis because the evolved water absorbs the SO2 gas. To prevent the absorption of SO2 by moisture and ensure highly accurate sulfur analysis, the heating filter unit can be used.


Improved Measurement and Maintenance Efficiency

Substantial Reduction in Maintenance

Along with the EMIA-Expert’s cleaning feature, HORIBA has developed a robust design with fewer components for more reliable use and less service requirements.


The latest innovations have enabled the cleaning time for the EMIA Series to be typically half that of our conventional models (patent applied for*). Additionally, the structure around the combustion area has been designed to be as simple as possible, allowing for quick and intuitive maintenance. No specialized skills or knowledge required for maintenance work.

Flat design around the crucible stand    


The cleaning efficiency of the EMIA Series instruments has been significantly improved compared to our conventional Carbon/Sulfur analyzers with the use of a unique automatic cleaning mechanism (patent applied for*). This allows users to repeat measurements up to 200 times**, with reduced time required for maintenance and cleaning, without sacrificing measurement accuracy.

* JP6063582, US10379017, EP3064938, ZL201480058824.2, IN351227, JP6605807, US9778148, EP3037814 and ZL201510971175.1
** Number of repeatable measurements may vary depending on the sample and measurement conditions.


Before measurement                After 200 measurements


High Throughput

The EMIA Series can complete one measurement cycle, measurement-display result-cleaning, in 70 seconds (i.e. about 50 samples/hour).


Flexible Upgrade after Installation

Customers can expand the functionality of the system at any time, even after installation, to meet their changing needs. Additional options include:

  • Auto Sampler Unit – Able to accommodate up to 20 positions.
  • Halogen Trap Unit – Helps remove halogen elements in the sample to prevent damage to the device.


More Intuitive Software for Easy Operation

Advanced Operation Software

The EMIA Series features its own proprietary operating software, which has been designed with a focus on ease of use, optimizing layout, operating menus, and functions for enhanced user-friendliness.


Enhanced Operator Assistance

Additionally, the software includes a self-diagnostic monitoring feature to assess the status of connected devices, an alarm function, and three navigators to recommend the most suitable conditions for samples, troubleshoot errors, and alert users to perform maintenance. These features improve daily operation and ensure efficient analysis.

*The user interface and functionalities of the software for this system are the same with those of EMIA-Pro.

Contents EMIA-Expert
Required sample amount 1g ± 0.1g
Typical Meas. time 70 seconds/cycle
Carbon Meas. Range (m/m) 0.6 ppm – 10.0%
Blank accuracy σn-1≦ 0.3 ppm
Sulfur Meas. Range (m/m) 0.6 ppm – 1.0%
Blank accuracy σn-1 ≦ 0.3 ppm
Sample meas. Accuracy Carbon σn-1 ≦ 0.3 ppm(less than 20 ppm)
σn-1 ≦ 1.0 ppm or RSD≦0.5%(more than 20 ppm)
Sulfur σn-1 ≦ 0.3 ppm(less than 20 ppm)
σn-1 ≦ 1.0 ppm or RSD≦0.75%(more than 20 ppm)
Utility Carrier gas Oxygen
(Purity; 99.5%, Pressure; 0.3-0.33 MPa)
Operation gas Nitrogen
(Purity; 99.5%, Pressure; 0.35-0.38 MPa)
Power 200/220/240V, 50/60Hz, 5kVA
Dimensions Main unit* 500(W) x 725(D) x 710(H) mm
Purifier unit 160(W) x 560(D) x 512(H) mm
Mass Main unit approximately 134 kg
Purifier unit approximately 21 kg
Data processing and operation USB data communication with PC Windows 8.1
Touch panel or Key board and mouse operation
Model name EMIA-20E: Carbon/Sulfur
EMIA-21E: Carbon
EMIA-22E: Sulfur

Note) “ppm” is equal to mg/kg.

*Except piping parts, projection parts (D:79mm) and flow meter on the back side.



Crucible Pre-heating Unit

The crucible pre-heating unit; FK-100 with automatic transportation function to heat a ceramic cruible at 1100 degree in 10min. before analysis.


Automation crucible loading and disposing unit. Up to 20 pcs of crucible are available to be set. Click here for more information of automation options.


Ceramic crucible

Low carbon blank and high dimension tolerance for high precision analysis.


High-purity materials which support stable analysis: Tungsten(W), Tin(Sn), Copper(Cu), Iron(Fe)

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