GoSpectro: Turn your smartphone into a visible spectrometer

The GoSpectro is a device that turns any smartphone or tablet into an ultracompact and powerful light handheld spectrometer.

GoSpectro is sensitive over the entire visible range (400 nm – 750 nm) with a spectral resolution of less than 10 nm and a reproducibility of 1 nm.

This revolutionary device allows the spectral characterization of light sources as well as measured spectra in emission, transmission or reflection, with unparalleled compactness.

It is the ideal companion for measuring light spectra in different settings. Indeed, this is the case outdoors, in the field or for any application requiring high portability.

Please have a look at the video below on how to set-up the GoSpectro on your smartphone/tablet and get it calibrated in few seconds with a fluocompact lamp:

GoSpectro device is delivered with the SpectroLab application (Android & iOS) with basic spectroscopy functions.

Get quick insights on what you can achieve with GoSpectro and SpectroLab:

>>> Download the User Manual

>>> Read the installation guide (Android)

>>> Read the installation guide (iOS)

Any questions starting using GoSpectro, watch our Trouble shooting videos and find answers to your questions !!!

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