Modular Raman Microscope

Flexible Raman System

HORIBA’s modular Raman spectrometers allow the user to have a flexible Raman system to handle high performance spectroscopy at a price to fit most budgets. The modular microscope can also be used with a range of sampling options, including remote probes.

Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Scientific

The remote fiber coupled Raman microscope from HORIBA Scientific provides a unique facility for microscopic Raman, photoluminescence (PL) and fluorescence analysis. Ideal for complementing existing instrumentation or for analysis in restricted environments such as fume cupboards and clean rooms, the fiber microscope offers full micro-analytical functions in a simple and cost effective way. Compatible with the latest generation of automated software and mapping accessories, routine Raman ´chemical´ maps , PL plots, and laser induced fluorescence images can be produced to characterize material composition and distribution. The low level entry optics on the fiber-microscope enable easy fiber or direct coupling to both spectrometer and laser sources. When combined with longer focal length spectrometers, the potential for high resolution Raman and photo luminescence (PL) microscopy is impressive.

  • Multiple laser operation
  • Confocal discrimination
  • Polarization accessories
  • Fiber optic or direct coupling
  • Digital image capture
  • Rugged construction
  • Automated mapping operation


HORIBA Scientific’s confocal Raman microscope is coupled via two optical cables to the base iHR spectrometer and to the laser source. The microscope system offers true micro-Raman capabilities and incorporates our novel interchangeable notch filter system, adjustable confocal aperture and options for automated Raman mapped imaging. An integrated color video camera offers easy sample alignment and digital image capture.



The modular Raman microscope is available with a choice of three laser wavelengths; 532 nm, 632.8 nm, and 785 nm.


A range of spectrometers are available for integrating into your own Raman experiment, with focal lengths and resolutions to suit all requirements – ranging from 140 mm to 550 mm and above.  Whether the application is for routine screening, fluorescence and PL mapping, or detailed high resolution Raman research, the spectrometer to match is available.

  • High precision spectrometers with low stray light levels  and options for high spectral resolution
  • Gratings and sampling optics optimized for Raman
  • Upgradeable spectrometer platform ready to expand to fluorescence, PL, and optical spectroscopy


A range of detectors are available for integrating into your own Raman experiment, with different chip architectures and various degrees of cooling to suit all requirements. Whether the application is for rapid measurements or very weak Raman scattering samples, there is a detector to match.

  • High sensitivity CCD detectors for UV-VIS
  • Linear InGaAs arrays for near-IR response
  • Deep cooling for low dark current (thermoelectric or LN2 cooling)

Superhead Raman Probe

HORIBA’s modular Raman systems are compatible with the wide range of Superhead fibre-optic Raman probes. They offer robust remote and in-situ sampling capabilities ideal for reaction monitoring, restricted environments (glove boxes), and for portable sampling requirements. They can be supplied with immersion optics, non-contact optics and even with an integrated video camera for capturing sample images.


LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Software

The LabSpec6 spectral software suite used on all the HORIBA analytical and research Raman spectrometer systems is now also available for modular Raman systems. It has been designed and written as a dedicated Raman spectroscopy package and offers many powerful capabilities not found in a basic spectroscopy software.


Modular Raman Microscope Spectrometers
Laser Wavelength 532 nm 632.8 nm 785 nm
Spectral Range (cm-1)* 100 – 7700 100 – 4700 100 – 3400**
Resolution, 1800 gr/mm (cm-1/pixel) iHR320 1.22 0.78 0.40
iHR550 0.73 0.48 0.26
Recommended Gratings 1800 gr/mm 1200 gr/mm 600 gr/mm 1800 gr/mm 1200 gr/mm 600 gr/mm 1800 gr/mm 1200 gr/mm 600 gr/mm

*Spectral Range is based on the edge or notch filter’s ability to reject the laser line and the usable spectral range of the CCD.

**With 1200g/mm grating

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