IndiGo chemical analysis

IndiGo Chemical Analysis: A handheld spectrophotometer for absorption and fluorescence measurement

IndiGo chemical analysis is a pocket size spectrophotometer. It is modular, fits in the palm of your hand.

It allows:

  • absorption measurement on a liquid contained in a cuvette from  380 nm to 720 nm
  • fluorescence measurement with UVA excitation (or customised) on a liquid contained in a cuvette

This is a most compact spectrophotometer / fluorescence spectrophotometer on the market.

Please get a look on how easy is an absorption or transmission measure with the IndiGo:

Note: This measure can be realised on PC or on any Android smartphone / tablet via the IndiGo Bluetooth connection and SpectroLab for Android.

Please read the application note for absorption measurement here.

This devices can be used for multiple purposes from water analysis, fuel authentication (containing optical taggants), to natural products adulteration (olive oils, honeys, spirits).


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