Modular Research Fluorometer for Lifetime and Steady State Measurements

The HORIBA Fluorolog-QM series of modular research grade spectrofluorometers is the fourth generation of the world famous HORIBA Fluorolog, with the first Fluorolog introduced by Spex Industries in 1975.

The Fluorolog-QM represents the culmination of decades of HORIBA’s industry-leading experience in development and manufacture of the highest level of spectrofluorometer performance and versatility. The Fluorolog-QM, with its exquisite, optically perfect, all reflective optics, combined with a multitude of light source and detector options, and sample handling accessories, provides the highest sensitivity and greatest versatility of any spectrofluorometer.

The Fluorolog-QM can be enhanced to suit a broad array of luminescence experiments, with the industry’s most extensive list of optional accessories to expand capabilities and performance, to meet all of the most demanding research lab’s experimental needs. And when you purchase a Fluorolog-QM all of these enhancements and accessories can be added to your system at any later time as your needs change, or funds become available.

With thousands operating in universities and research labs around the world, and tens of thousands of publications, Fluorolog has proved itself to be the best choice for the most demanding steady state, time-resolved, TCSPC, PLQY and NIR research.

Manufacturing CompanyHORIBA Scientific

Unique Fluorolog-QM™ Benefits

  • All reflective optics for perfect performance at all wavelengths
  • Highest guaranteed sensitivity (more than double that of the Fluorolog-3)
  • Excellent stray light rejection with extra-large, coma corrected, 350 mm single, or 700 mm double additive monochromators
  • New software for all steady state and lifetimes experiments, with many new features
  • Extended wavelength range from Deep UV to NIR
  • Up to four light source types, and six detectors, can all be connected at once, under computer control, for ultimate lab versatility
  • World class, plug and play, TCSPC lifetime enhancements, at speeds up to 100 MHz
  • NIR steady state and phosphorescence lifetime detection to 5,500 nm
  • Deep UV excitation down to 180 nm

The following specifications are for the standard Fluorolog-QM-75-22 system.
Options and upgrades may be available upon request.

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (>35,000:1 FSD)
Data Acquisition Rate 1,000,000 points/sec. to 1 point/1000 sec.
Inputs 4 photon counting (TTL); 4 analog (+/- 10 volts); 1 analog reference channel
(+/- 10 volts); 2 TTL
Outputs 2 analog (+/- 10 volts); 2 TTL
Emission Range with
standard PMT
185 nm to 900 nm (optional to 5,500 nm)
Light Source High efficiency “ECO” friendly continuous 75 W Xenon arc lamp
(Optional 450 W Xenon)
Excitation and Emission
700 mm, triple grating, coma-aberration corrected, asymmetrical, excitation or emission
optimized, Czerny-Turner design with computer controlled slits at entrance, intermediate
plane and exit.
Slits Computer controlled, continuously adjustable
Excitation Grating 1200 line/mm 300 nm blaze, (Up to two optional gratings can be ordered)
Emission Grating 1200 line/mm 400 nm blaze, (Up to two optional gratings can be ordered)
Wavelength Accuracy +/- 0.3 nm
Minimum Step Size 0.01 nm (grating dependent)
Standard Detection Multimode, -20 degrees Celsius cooled, 1600 Volt PMT housing;
Multimode: Photon Counting, 3 analog (fast, medium, slow response),
direct and Single-Shot Transient Digitizer (SSTD) mode,
and Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC), R928P PMT standard (other PMT’s available)
R928P PMT Dark Count: 10 counts per second or less
R928P PMT Maximum
Linear Count Rate:
10,000,000 counts per second
System Control Computer interface with FelixFL spectroscopy software
Lifetime Range 5 ps to seconds with appropriate time-resolved accessories

HORIBA Scientific has a policy of continuous product development, and reserves the right to amend part numbers,
descriptions and specifications without prior notice.

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