Raman Spectrometer – Confocal Raman Microscope

Getting There Easier!

Incorporating unique and powerful functions in a reliable, high performance system, ideally suited to the research and analytical lab, the XploRA PLUS is our best multi-sample, multi-user Raman imaging microscope ever.

It is fully confocal, not compromising image quality, spatial or depth resolution. The SWIFT Fast Raman images are the fastest fully confocal Raman images available, typically 10x faster than conventional Raman imaging.

The simplicity and power of the XploRA PLUS is unmatched with an enhanced range of options such as multiple laser wavelengths, EMCCD detection, Raman polarisation and even Raman-AFM combination.

Move from microscopy to the nanoscopy world with an easy AFM upgrade

Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS
  • SWIFTTM10x faster Raman imaging
  • Improved detection and sensitivity
  • Full Confocality  for complete image detail
  • Full optical microscope so you can see your samples
  • Maximum detail, resolution and range for enhanced spectroscopy
  • HORIBA’s OneClick easy Raman analysis
  • NIST traceable and patented Autocalibration options for validated results
  • Ultimate optical stability- robust, reliable, long term operation
  • Automated operation offering simple, powerful reliability
  • 2 year base unit warranty as standard

Future-proof Expansion

  • Compatible with atomic force microscopes for combined Raman-AFM and TERS (Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy)
  • Multiple laser wavelengths – ensures optimal results and minimised fluorescence interference from the widest range of sample types
  • Full system automation with software control and intuitive operation – non-expert operators can get results fast
  • Comprehensive Raman spectral libraries for fast Raman chemical identification
  • Automated particle location and chemical ID with ParticleFinder
  • Suitable for high throughput screening measurements with MultiWell module.

Faster Raman                                                      YES with XY stage
SWIFT™ Imaging  
/ SWIFTXS (with


Confocal Imaging                                                 0.5 μm XY

Routine operation                                               OneClick Auto


Full Microscope                                                   Upright


Resolution                                                        Standard + High
Multi-laser                                                       532, 638, 785 nm
  Options                                                          others on request

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